Hello and welcome to our forum brought to you by Rize Group Trading as Rize Maintenance.  Our company was founded with a passion for construction and Gardening. Over the last 5 years in business there have been many things that came up when talking with clients and potential clients. And that is where we came up with the idea for this forum, After a lot of research we found that there really was only one other forum of its type in Australia. This Forum being owned by a trade supplying company led itself to more of an income grabbing site more than a site that was purely for the end User looking for a place for anyone to come to post a question or issue and get answers from other members and gather guidance.

What we have found over the years it that many people looking to do renovations, extensions decking or even a simple pergola don’t realize the simple guidelines or restrictions that may be involved in there project. We are hoping that by having this forum in place home owners and trades people alike can come in and assist one another. And hopefully in the long run save everyone time and money and have fun in the process.

So come on in make some friends post some questions and have some fun.

We hope you enjoy Renovations Forum and all of your renovation experiences.